Organize The Clutter & Have A More Relaxing Minimalist Home

Organize The Clutter & Have A More Relaxing Minimalist Home

Have you ever walked into the house after a long busy day and found yourself completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things that need to be organized and put away (wherever that is)?   Often when this happens it gets pushed aside and we move on with that feeling hanging over our heads that someday, we will get it all organized and have a stress free haven to walk into.  We hope this guide helps you organize and have a cozy, organized, and more minimal space.  


  • What a clutter-free and minimal space does for you
  • Live minimally and organized within your decor theme
  • How to decide what goes and what stays
  • Where to put what's left once the clutter is gone

5 Great Results You'll Notice With A Well Organized Minimalist Space

  1. You'll have less stress!  The more you have on counters, stuffed in drawers, and in the way, the more your mind has to process.  Having clean organized work and living space allows for more head space for processing the things that matter.  
  2. More time to focus on fitness & recreation.  Who doesn't want to be in shape?  Often times we find ourselves forgoing a workout because we have things to clean up and do around the house.  Less stuff means staying committed to the goals that matter.  
  3. You'll be inspired to entertain more.  Our relationships with others matter.  It's very difficult to find the motivation for a gathering when there is a mountain of work ahead to get the place ready.  Its easier to plan and prepare a meal when countertops are clean and open. 
  4. More free time.  Check out this link.  It is a study done by the United States that identifies what we spend our time doing.  In addition to work, sleep, and cooking (all pretty mandatory things) we also spend on average about 1.52 hours a day cleaning up and maintaining a home.  Much of that time is spent moving things from one place to another.  What if everything that came into the home had a designated landing spot?  
  5. You will save money.  If you don't really love it, don't buy it.  Sure it seems weird for us to suggest you buy less since we also run a home decor site but it's not all about us.  When your goal is less clutter you will only buy the things you love.  Instead of the minimum $150 Target run, you'll find yourself seeking out the random high-quality item that you know you will love.  We hope you find it here "wink wink".   

Cozy Minimalist


You can live Minimally without giving up your decor theme.

Sure, you may need to give some things up but overall, living minimally and clutter-free does not mean you need to compromise on your main decor theme.  Often when people think of "minimalism" they assume that means start white, one flower per vase, and a small uncomfortable looking chair.  However, you can achieve great peace and simplicity with a modern farmhouse style, boho chic, mid-century modern, etc.  They key is, not a lot of excess and everything in its place.  Here are some super well-styled spaces that achieve both a clean stress-free look while sticking to style themes;

Industrial loft kitchen with a modern farmhouse twist.  

Of course, you will see bowls, dishes, and cups in the cabinets.  Proper balance and organization and they will blend seamlessly.  The clutter-free countertops add a relaxing vibe.  

Modern living room.

Notice how little is stored on the large black console and side table.  That openness allows a clear view out of the amazing windows.  Also, the lack of curtains and window coverings provides a clean look.  While this is not always possible, trying to minimize window coverings can result in a less cluttered view.

Warm white farmhouse kitchen.

The consistency of color gives this a minimal feel.  Also, keeping only what is needed daily on a small countertop provides less stress and a better working area.  Notice the cutting board table next to the door.  That looks like a great place to drop off the mail on the way in.  Making a house rule to keep that free and clear is a huge win in the clutter war.  

Mid-century modern living room with warm organics.

How great is this space?  Simple but stunning wall decor (and not too much).  A total of 4 items on surfaces allows maximum relaxation.  Things tend to pile up on coffee tables.  This both eliminates their usefulness and takes away from the intended look.  This coffee table deserves to be showcased.  Bringing in elements of the outdoors has been proven to relax and de-stress.  


Now The Hard Part..... What Do I Get Rid Of To Reduce Clutter?

What goes and what stays.....the hardest question.   This can be quite simple for some people and quite difficult for others.  Recently we went through our kitchen in our home with a simple objective; If we haven't used it in a year, it goes.  That seemed to work.  Plus, there were a few other things we were constantly wanting that we didn't have because of space restrictions.  After getting rid of about half of our items we added 2-3 great new things as a reward.  A huge reduction of unimportant things and a small addition of very useful things.  We tend to have lots of things that only matter to us because they belong to us.  Take a good honest look at everything from clothes, furniture, random objects, electronics, keepsakes, etc and ask if it really has meaning to you.  We have found that even things we thought had meaning are never missed when gone.   

Where Does Whats Left Go?

Our homes have  Hooks, Hangers, Shelves, Drawers, Counters, Desks, Cabinets, Baskets, Closets, And countless other places to store things.  There is no shortage of storage, rather, an excess of goods.  Minimalist organizing is best when items are arranged categorically and in a place where you do not need to move other things to find them.  Using small storage baskets on a shelf rather than just piling them up helps keep things clutter-free.  Arranging clothes by item and color gives you the ease of always knowing where things are.  Kitchen items can be placed in drawer and cabinets near where they are used and easy to grab.  Mudrooms and entryways work great when there are enough hooks and cubbies for only 1 item on/in each.  

When a home is clutter free and one can live in a minimalist environment there is a great relief and sense of achievement.  We hope this article helped inspire you to reach your goals!




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