A Comprehensive Guide To Boho Home Decor

A Comprehensive Guide To Boho Home Decor

Welcome to the world of freedom, colors and aesthetically pleasing patterns. Boho decor or Bohemian decorating is a colorful way of incorporating culture and personality into your home design. It’s simply hard to resist or forget the multi-culture melange of exquisite elements and layers. If you don’t want your home to be designed in a conventional manner, boho decor is made for you. Let’s explore how bohemian decorating can bring life and a sense of liberty into your home.

The origin of boho style

Bohemian style has become a global trend. From clothing tailored to boho style to boho chic home interior, this trend has numerous applications in American culture. In order to truly grasp the philosophy behind Boho decor, you need to know a little more about the origin of the term. The term “bohemian style” was derived from a French expression “La Boheme” which means gypsy. We know gypsies have their own unique lifestyle which is not conventional by any stretch of the imagination.

Boho home interior

A striking combination of colors, textures, and patterns are some of the characteristics of boho style. Boho home interior is dominated by diverse cultural influences. It is important to mention here that boho decor is not made for people who like to have everything in a strictly organized manner; boho style is all about flexibility, freedom, and inspiration. It is something that denies rigidity and mundane way of life. By designing your home with bohemian design elements, you let the colors create a carefree living environment.


If unconventional displays, free expressions, and colors are something that attracts you, it’s time to let boho style satisfy your quest for endless creativity. Let’s make bohemian style simple for your home:

  1. Go for a simple base

Opting for a simple base will help you create a solid foundation where you can use your creativity to design something amazing. It will give you the freedom of choosing a perfect mix of patterns and colors without being loud or excessively overbearing. Selecting a bright base tone might not develop a soothing, harmonious decor. When it comes to designing home decor for a considerably long period of time, it is advisable to go with a neutral tone.


  1. Botanicals are a key part of boho decor

Every bohemian-themed room is an eclectic and laid back style showing little respect for decor principles. You can adopt a number of ways to bring life into your boho-inspired home; for instance, filling your room with plants.



Plants are natural, colorful, and textured. There are so many fun ways to incorporate botanicals as they fit perfectly with the bohemian style. Whether you prefer to use plants hanging from the ceiling or potted in ceramic pots, integrating plants into your home decor will create a bohemian living space perfect for meditation and relaxing. While adding an aesthetically pleasing look to your design, plants provide a natural way of purifying home air. Here are some boho indoor plant decor inspirations for you.

  1. Make creative use of patterns

Mixing and layering prints and patterns is an affordable and easy way of mastering the art of bohemian style. You can use your imaginations to contrast different scales, shapes, and style to create lush bohemian vibration. For example, contrasting various objects such as colorful cushions and patterned rugs will help you create a perfect mix.

While it is true that bohemian style is little rebellious, try to keep a consistent color theme throughout. Consistency in color theme creates a coherent look. However, don’t think of it as limiting yourself.

  1. Add Low-lying, bohemian furniture

Furniture is an inseparable part of any living space no matter what theme or style you’re following. When it comes to boho decor, you certainly need bohemian furniture which is closer to the floor. Low-backed sofas with comfy throw blankets, cushions, and plush can be a great idea. If you like to have floor seating in a room, don’t forget to add comfortable bohemian rugs and cushions.

You can visit a local antique market to find some affordable, time-worn furnishing to take your home decor to the next level. Bohemian people love to have their home decorated with their traditional furniture collection. Second-hand items will make it easy for you to create something genuinely authentic. While you’re free to choose the furniture of any size, make sure that every single piece you use has a personality. You can also consider adding some Victorian items.

  1. Minimalism is not an ingredient of boho decor

Boho decor isn’t about empty spaces and blank surfaces. The look of your boho living room is not supposed to be a minimalistic design. So, keep your boho home decor full of curated finds or whatever you have collected over the years. It is probably a good idea to have some blank space on the walls and floor to display artwork.

  1. Don’t forget to use accessories and lighting

Accessories are required to enrich any space irrespective of the style. They become even more important when it comes to nailing a boho style. Just like the furniture, the use of accessories should be relevant.  Vintage bottles, ornate boxes, and wall hanging dream catcher, are some of the items you can consider to place.

Traveling is something that inspires Bohemians, and they love to collect items from different parts of the globe. So, when picking accessories for your boho rooms, don’t buy common home decor items.

Let’s get down to the lighting part. Equip your home with multiple lanterns, candles, table and floor lamps. You can find plenty of styles and shapes that can match your idea of a bohemian home. Colors and vibrancy are a couple of important ingredients of boho lighting and lanterns

Let the abundance of joyful colors and fabrics rule your space. While you can decorate the walls and windows with rainbow-creating crystals and fresh flowers, it’s a good idea to have some floor space empty for dancing.


Bohemian style is a mix of multiple cultures. Whatever patterns, colors, and items you’re planning to use to nail a boho home decor, think like a traveler who loves to explore and embrace differences. Try to be different in a world full of conformists.


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