Trajekt Home Blog - Tips and Articles For Plant Lovers

Trajekt Home Blog - Tips and Articles For Plant Lovers

  • Caring For A Jade Plant - A Complete Guide

    The Jade Plant has been around forever. Yes literally, forever. When it was "officially" identified in the 17th century, it was determined that it likely was from South Africa and had been growing for years. For at least one hundred years, it has been a common houseplant and recently has become one of the most popular with the increasing love for succulents. 
  • 15 Easy To Grow Indoor Plants

    Plants serve as beautiful, relaxing, air-purifying additions to your home decor. However, not all plants can survive the conditions your living sp...
  • 13 Stress Relieving Indoor Plants

    According to recent surveys, Americans are among the most stressed people in the world.  We all deal with stress on some level and finding ways to cope can be difficult.  While plant life and a relaxing peaceful living space won't completely cure stress, it sure can help.  
  • 9 Amazing Herbs To Grow Indoors

    Are you excited to always have fresh herbs for cooking?  Love indoor plants and all the fantastic benefits that go along with having green life in your home?  Planting indoor herbs will give you this and more.  In addition to complementing your most excellent culinary dishes, they also have a multitude of other great uses.
  • 17 Delicious Edible Plants For Your Patio Planters

    Each year when we look out over our patio at the end of a cold and long northeast winter we always ask ourselves the same question;  "what plants should we put on the patio this year?"   This space is so important.  It's the most relaxing place to unwind and relax on a warm summer night.  Enjoying a hot cup of coffee as the sun comes up while surrounded by stunning foliage and relaxing subtle smells is an excellent way to start any day.   So, we decided to kick it up a notch.  Instead of just planting our pots with the normal great plants, we added the most colorful and vibrant edibles we could find. 
  • How to Plant, Grow, And Maintain Indoor Cactus

    One of the most unique plant genera in the world.  Hundreds of unique shapes, designs, and wide-ranging colors. Cacti are incredibly easy to grow and maintain.  Used for generations for food, photosynthesis, and to support life and the healthy habitat of Desert area.  Whether you like spiny prickly plants or beautiful green shoots with brilliant flowers, there is probably a perfect Cactus for you.  
  • Terrarium: The Ultimate Guide to the Indoor Glass Garden

    With the exception of the terrarium, all other planters only show the top of a plant (ie: from the top of the soil up).   Terrariums are a little bit different.  They are available as both open or closed glass containers.  the glass container allows you to see each key layer of the plant from the drainage to the soil & roots to the plant life on top.  This provides a depth of colors and helps one appreciate the plant and all aspects of its growth and environment.    

  • Organize The Clutter & Have A More Relaxing Minimalist Home

    Have you ever walked into the house after a long busy day and found yourself completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things that need to be organized and put away (wherever that is)?
  • How To Create Beautiful Indoor Plants and Planters

    How To Create Beautiful Indoor Plants and Planters Almost any indoor environment looks inviting and pleasant with plants. Indoor plants should be ...
  • A Stress-Free Guide to Better Home Décor

    A quick, step-by-step guide to revamping your home décor in small and big ways.
  • A Comprehensive Guide To Boho Home Decor

    Welcome to the world of freedom, colors and aesthetically pleasing patterns. Boho decor or Bohemian decorating is a colorful way of incorporating ...